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February 6, 2019

2nd Annual Women In Events Roundtable

Last April, Hype! teamed up with Event Marketer magazine to co-host the 2nd Annual Women in Events Agency Roundtable. Joined by seven of the experiential industry’s top female agency executives, the women shared anecdotes and personal stories of what they have learned on their way to the highest reaches of their agencies. We discussed what skills and talents women need to have, or acquire, in order to thrive in the industry, and shared how to go from getting noticed to getting heard to getting the promotion and more!! To read the full roundtable article, click here.

Over the next few weeks, CEO & Founder, Dayna Gilchrist will be sharing her insights from the roundtable discussions on her LinkedIn page, and you can follow along here. Next week we will be sharing our Q&A from our interview with EM mag on what makes Hype! stand out as an experiential staffing partner, the biggest mistakes when it comes to staffing and whats to come in 2019!