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January 31, 2017

2017 Trend Alert: Sommeliers are the new black.

A Sommelier by definition is a wine steward- a well trained wine professional who specializes in all aspects of wine service including wine and food pairing. For 2017, we predict the experiential industry is going to redefine the term. We’re seeing more and more brands (non-wine related) looking to hire Sommelier-like brand ambassadors for mobile sampling tours. These individuals are working as true connoisseurs- thoroughly trained and able to speak intelligently as an expert of the brand/product.


When it comes to hiring a Sommelier-like BA for your event, its all about utilizing that person to create an incredible experience! Everything from product knowledge to personality traits are crucial when finding the perfect fit. To fill this role, you want someone who can tell a story; someone who can make the product come to life, exude passion and create an infectious buzz around the product! The role is separate of that of a Product Specialist, it is not simply showcasing the product and selling it “as is”, but to share their extensive knowledge offering additional ways to pair the product and create an individual, unique experience.


Curious as to how you can add a Sommelier-like brand ambassador to your next sampling program and the unique benefits of it? Give us a call and let’s make your ideas come to life!