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January 29, 2020

Experiential Marketing Trends of 2020

Last month we looked at the most memorable Experiential Marketing trends from 2019 and now we are exploring the Experiential Marketing trends that are going to shape the way we experience brands in 2020!


  1. Art Installations: Experiential marketers have found that art installations are one of the fastest ways to catch and sustain the attention of consumers. Most art installations will be bold, colorful, eye captivating, and interactive which evokes emotion, creativity, and inspiration. Having an opportunity for consumers to “participate” in art exhibitions opens the door for them to want to take photos and share their experiences with others.


  1. Specialized Brand Ambassadors: Each year we are seeing how trends change and evolve, and as the industry becomes more immersive and engaging, brands are more concerned with making sure they have not only experienced but specialized staff onsite. A Brand Ambassador can have the experience but making sure their skills line up with the brand being represented is imperative. Hype! helps take that stress away by screening and interviewing all Brand Ambassadors from our proprietary database and pinpointing what makes each individual BA an asset to the activation.


  1. Stayable Experiences: Stayable experiences are perfect for brands that are involved with hospitality and travel, they can offer consumers a comfortable place to spend the night in spaces like hotels and boutique getaway spaces. Brands can offer consumers a far more immersive and memorable experience that goes further than a couple of hours.  


  1. Advocacy: As the advocacy for climate change, single-use plastic, and other green initiatives rise, so have the ideas of how brands can also make a difference. With just a few days until one of the biggest events of the year, Superbowl LIV, The NFL has jumped on the trend by having Bud Light and Centerplate partner to supply 50,000 recyclable aluminum cups.


  1. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: Although VR & AR are not new trends, it is a trend that became more popular in 2019 and it is here to stay. VR & AR are playgrounds for consumers to step outside of their reality for an immersive and engaging experience. If done right, a brand can create an unforgettable experience leaving a lasting impression on the consumer.


  1. Pop-Ups & Immersive Environments: Again, this trend is not new and there is no rule book for creating these spaces other than to highlight creativity and novelty. Pop-ups and immersive spaces are meant to create a scene and impression for all consumers to be in the same simulation while being able to experience the brand with most or all their senses. Brands are understanding that the more fun, innovative and creative they are the more likely their space will be experienced, talked about and shared.


Starting to plan your 2020 campaigns? Give us a call! If you have an idea, we make it happen. Whether that is screening and hiring the perfect brand ambassador or partnering with you to put the event details together, we’re experts at working with our clients to find the right execution for their brand, campaign, and message.