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January 27, 2016

Why I Got Into Event Staffing

By Dayna Gilchrist


There is a quote that I love; “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together”, that is exactly how I feel about Hype. Before starting The Hype Agency, I fell in love with the exciting world of event marketing and was fortunate to work at a well-known firm (with an amazing boss) producing buzz marketing campaigns.  From college campus invasions, to mobile tours, to street teams we put out some amazing work, and there was something they all had in common – the need for reliable, energetic, and outgoing brand ambassadors.  Though I loved where I was (did I mention I was in sunny California), I felt that there was a huge disconnect with the “staffing agencies” hired to supply the brand ambassadors for the campaigns. Right then, that was my “ah-ha” moment, and that is how Hype was born!


Ernst & Young point out that one of the great strengths of entrepreneurs over established companies is their ability to move quickly to fill in market gaps. “Although innovation is important, filling niches and market gaps does not need to involve coming up with radical new solutions,” they explain. “Often, an entrepreneurial business can simply find a better business model or a more effective way of delivering a product or service.”


I know that it’s the less glamorous side of the business and it isn’t easy. It’s 24/7/365.  Not to mention, we are usually the “silent partner” in the mix with little to no recognition, but without us the show doesn’t go on. A great idea is just that unless there is someone there to make it come to life and that is just what we do!


Hype was founded on passion. I knew that we could partner with event agencies and brands and make their ideas come to life by truly seeing the bigger picture. We are not a temp agency. We do not fill out orders or warm bodies. We recruit, screen, and place brand ambassadors that are true brand advocates. We partner with our client to deliver unmatched results by becoming their execution partner!


So, why did I ever get mixed up in the crazy business of event staffing? Because I know how important it is and if it is done right, well it’s magical.