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January 25, 2017


It’s no secret – millennials seem to live and breathe social media. Every concert attended, meal consumed, workout completed, is documented for the world to see. For millennials, it’s about the experience and sharing that experience with others. That’s why any activation intended to appeal to the millennial demographic needs to be designed as an experience they won’t easily forget.  To do just that, let’s go back to basics and consider the five senses:


Millennials are visual thinkers. Snapchat and Instagram are among the most popular social media platforms for millennials, both of which are predominately photo focused. So the first step in creating an experience for this demographic is to ask the question, “Is the event visually appealing?” Components of this include establishing a theme, color palette, and attention grabbing build. Product displays should be creative and bonus points are added where pop culture is incorporated.


Millennials are a generation of instant gratification. They want the latest technology and hottest new products, and they want them now. To appeal to this demand, activations need to be interactive. Games, photo booths, contests, opportunities to try products onsite, and lounge areas or hangout spaces are all great ways to get millennials connected to a brand right away.


Millennials are entertainment seekers. Well-known festivals continue to grow in popularity while new ones are popping up each year. No activation should have crickets audibly chirping in the background, and music is one of the best ways to fill an otherwise quiet space. Whether it’s a playlist, DJ, or live band, music adds a mood boosting element of fun and excitement that millennials are searching for.


Millennials are “try it before you buy it” consumers. Many are members of monthly sample subscription boxes, so it’s no surprise that free samples are a big hit among this demographic. Most millennials are willing to give you their time if they are receiving something in return, which makes free food samples an easy way to hook a millennial into learning more about the product or brand. If the activation is oriented around something other than a food product, snack bars and onsite food trucks are great ways to supplement any event!


Now that you’ve created the perfect millennial experience, don’t forget to brand it with a hashtag. After all, if a millennial attended an event and didn’t post it on social media – did it really happen?

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