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January 4, 2018

Program Spotlight: Kano Holiday Retail Demonstrations

This holiday season Hype! partnered with Kano to demonstrate what it means to “make and code a computer yourself.” Kano is designed for children ages 6+ but don’t let that number fool you, its fun for those of all ages! Step-by-step challenges, writing code, dragging blocks, unlocking programming powers, and earning medals make it fun for the whole family. Our goal was to use the in-store retail demonstrations to help educate and drive sales in each of the markets we were in. Our Hype! Brand Ambassadors were able to meet this goal by using helpful tools like custom-made podiums, creative literature and Kano computer building kits to engage with consumers and increase sales.


We selected 5 cities: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York City/New Jersey, to activate over a 4-week time period. Our teams consisted of 1 local Market Manger and 2 Brand Ambassadors within each market. Within their respective markets, each team was responsible for visiting 5-10 stores weekly. Our Market Managers role was to approach Target and Toys R Us retail stores to gain access to perform our demonstrations. Other duties included: receiving program related deliveries, creating Brand Ambassador schedules, managing reporting/inventory, and delivering weekly recaps. The Brand Ambassadors role was to educate, demonstrate and sell!


In just 4 weeks, our teams had a surplus of quality conversations with parents and consumers alike all while completing 61 in store demos across the country and making 79 sales! Our teams helped parents and grandparents check off items on their holiday gift lists, as well as give them ideas for the upcoming birthdays!