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January 4, 2021

New Year – Same Health & Safety Needs

The New Year has arrived but the importance of safety and security on-site has remained the same. Last Summer, we implemented a new role on-site during our activations- the Hype Event Safety & Sanitation Lead. This Lead works with Hype and our Client Team to review risks and develop the best safety plan possible; help stop the spread of communicable illnesses, such as COVID-19; enforce daily staff health checks and properly record; maintain social distancing guidelines; ensure cleanliness throughout the event; provide necessary PPE; help prevent injuries, and enforce all required safety guidelines.

Adding a Hype Event Safety & Sanitation Lead keeps our client and brand’s risk exposure to minimal levels. It also helps to ensure the safety and well-being of all staff, participants, and attendees of events. And we practice what we preach, each of Hype’s Producers has taken this training. Our Team adopted new safety and sanitization protocols from the moment we started back up last Summer and continue to learn and share these procedures to ensure a safe return to experiential events and activations.

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