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December 20, 2016

Program Spotlight: See.Good.Daily.

This Fall, Hype teamed up with Truth Collective and LensCrafters to execute their See Good Daily campaign. The campaign kicked off in NYC with 22 of The Hype Agency’s most enthusiastic and passionate staff, and a team of videographers to create inspiration for the campaign. The crew captured “man on the street” reactions to the random acts our teams performed.


We continued the remainder of the program by activating random acts in five markets across the country. In each of the markets we hit the streets to spread positivity and kindness. The teams reminded folks in each city to stop and see all of the good in the world! People on the streets were surprised and delighted with random acts of kindness including: handing out sunflowers, paying for coffee, holding doors for strangers, offering free pedicab rides, sharing smiles, and spreading joy!


The Hype team was so incredibly proud and grateful to be a part of such a kind and heartwarming campaign.  Overall, our teams performed thousands of acts of good to include: handing out coffees, lunches, flowers, compliments, warm wishes, and the list goes on!


“There’s good everywhere, you just have to look for it!”