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December 17, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness with Cox Communications & Hype!

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Hype partnered with Cox Communications just before Thanksgiving to give back to the local community with a Random Acts of Kindness program. Hype put together a killer team of Brand Ambassadors in the Las Vegas area to activate at different trailheads around Vegas. The team of Brand Ambassadors greeted walkers and runners with a cold bottle of water and KIND bars to refuel them on the trails.


The objective of the Cox Communications’ Acts of Kindness activations were simple- to treat consumers to a random act of kindness while informing them about Cox’s high-speed GIGABLAST Internet service. These grass-root efforts took place in local parks around Las Vegas such as Red Rock Canyon, Mountains Edge Regional Park, Exploration Peak Park, and Desert Breeze Park.


The results were overwhelmingly heart warming. The people on the trails began to stop and speak with our Brand Ambassadors, inquiring what they were doing, and what the “catch was” for the free items. When our Brand Ambassadors explained they were there to spread the word about GIGABLAST and to treat them to these free items, they were thankful and pleased! One of the most memorable consumer quotes from the day was, “Most people don’t understand that a little bit goes a long way. To see a company go the extra mile for complete strangers truly shows a lot of character and increases loyalty. It makes me proud to be a user of Cox.”


“Random Acts of Kindness” activations are some of our favorite to produce for our clients. These activations are a wonderful way to present your brand in the community and send out positivity- especially during the holiday season.  Give us a call today to start planning your next activation!