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December 13, 2016

7 Words to Leave Off Your Promo Resume

I recently read Business Insider’s “29 annoying words and phrases on your resume that make hiring managers cringe” and it gave me such a chuckle that I felt compelled to translate it over to advice when writing a promotional resume. There are SO many buzzwords that are not only overused but also misused when reviewing applicant submissions.


Here are Hype’s 7 words to leave off your promo resume:


1. Hardworking – instead of simply stating you’re a hard worker, give actual examples of going above and beyond to show us just how hard you’ve actually


2-4. Outgoing, people-person, friendly – These definitive words are what being a brand ambassador is all about so no need to call them out on your resume or cover letter! If you do NOT describe yourself as these three things, it may be time to find a different gig.


5. Available – When applying for a job, it shouldn’t even be a question of whether you’re available or not. If you’re applying it is definitely safe to assume you’re available.


6. Fun – If you are being hired to be a costume character or entertain children at a birthday party, we would definitely be looking for “fun” staff! But for a regular promotional brand ambassador gig, we aren’t concerned with how fun you think you are.


7. Qualified – Being qualified is such a subjective word. Who is deeming you qualified? Unless you are applying where we are looking for very specific qualifications such as a CDL license or Food Handler Certificate, please do not use qualified as a word to describe yourself.