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December 11, 2018

a “smart” tour

This past fall, smartwater launched a west coast tour to introduce their new products under the smartwater pH line – smartwater alkaline and smartwater antioxidant. The West Coast tour launch will be a mobile 26ft airstream that will feature both new products and the occasions in which they best fit into the smartwater consumer’s life.

The tour was designed to:

  • educate consumers on smartwater alkaline and smartwater antioxidant
  • differentiate smartwater alkaline and antioxidant from other bottled water on the market by showcasing their benefits
  • connect consumers with occasions in which smartwater pH can elevate their active or mindful lifestyles
  • showcase enhanced ways for living to improve their active or mindful lifestyles


The focus for finding the perfect brand ambassador staff was to identify individuals that put a major focus in their life on self-care and understand the importance of being mindful. The staff offered consumers mindful moments and active experiences leaving them fully engaged – causing them to step away from their distractions, stresses & their mobile devices. The type of staff needed played a major role in the success of this mobile tour. The brand ambassador staff executed the unique experiences on and off the airstream and offered the consumer the opportunity to understand how the new products fit into their active and mindful lifestyles. Hiring staff that embodied the smartwater lifestyle left consumers with a genuine brand experience that lasted well beyond when the activation ended.

There’s a moment when a brand ambassador and consumer meet. It’s a critical moment—one that we take a lot of time to consider and analyze. We know that having just the right person, the right message and the right experience can make that moment perfect, lasting long after the initial engagement. And that is what we call  the “HYPE effect”—an experience that ignites conversation and propels your brand. Ready to get people talking?

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