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December 8, 2015

The Brand Ambassador Naughty & Nice List

We’re thinking of you this time of year

Wishing you lots of happiness, joy and cheer

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about the past,

Wondering which role you would be cast?

Here at Hype we make our lists and check them twice,

Seeing who may be considered Naughty or Nice!!

While we are in the midst of holiday season and rapidly approaching 2016, do you ever wonder if you’ve made the Naughty or Nice List?  We’ve come up with five ways to make the Naughty List and five ways to ensure you make the Nice List.  Check out what’s considered HOT and what’s NOT this season!

And remember…we know when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!



– Don’t be a Scrooge; smiles go a long way while working promotions!

– No foul language or pay rate talk onsite – or you’ll get coal in your stocking

– Avoid drama, speaking poorly of fellow brand ambassadors, reflects poorly on you.

– Do not be late.  If you are early you are on time!

– Don’t no call/no show—if you can’t make it to your event for whatever reason, please give us the courtesy of a heads up!



– Arrive in the proper uniform and know your stuff! (Typically gifted to you in your Final Details and training manuals)

– Common courtesy, have proper hygiene.  We all appreciate it!

– Be responsive to team emails and texts – WE LOVE THIS!

– Send in your timesheets on time!!

– Be proactive! If the window is dirty, don’t just stare at—CLEAN IT


Our activation team wishes you a very Happy Holiday season and we look forward to continue working with you in 2016! To see upcoming holidays promotions in your area, click here.