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December 4, 2018

Specialty Staff to Make a Splash

A few weeks back we posted about vitaminwater’s “Brandon’s World” PR Stunt in Boston, so this week we’re sharing another promotional parody that activated in November: Kiwi-Strawberry University. This activation was all about reaching out to “originality seekers” – people who are all about breaking the status quo and exploring things that are “left of center”. Their strategy was geared to have originality seekers drink vitaminwater more often and break up their normal routines. The whole idea was to get people to say, “Hey look over there, what’re they doing?”

This event was promoting the vitaminwater focus flavor, otherwise known as kiwi-strawberry. In order to catch people’s attention to the drink, the brand created Kiwi-Strawberry University (K-SU). It’s the nation’s least prestigious university where all it takes to get in, is to drink a vitaminwater!

For this stunt-y brand activation Hype provided different levels of brand ambassador staff. A market manager, improv staff (K-SU students), cheerleaders, and a mascot. Our team of 5 K-SU students were there to engage with the tailgaters to try and get them to enroll, learn about, and obviously sample what K-SU was all about.

The 4 K-SU cheerleaders were the highlight of the activation! They were equipped with cheers and dances to irregularly perform throughout the day and try to get people’s attention as they walked by. Our cheerleaders were not professionals- and were not asked to be! It was their job to look clumsy, not put together, and unorganized as they performed. And our mascot stole the show as he ran around the footprint taking photos with consumers, dancing in the cheers, and just adding an overall fun factor to the footprint!!