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December 3, 2015

Program Spotlight: Rainbow Light Sampling Demo & Hype’s Brand Ambassadors

This past year, The HYPE! Agency partnered with Rainbow Light and their Transformational Wellness Program. Rainbow Light is a whole food-based supplement brand created 33 years ago. Rainbow Light rated the #1 Most Trusted Natural Brand among Vitamin & Supplement Consumers! Every Rainbow Light formula features these three unique formulating qualities: Enzymes, herbs and probiotics to enhance digestion, Customized, science-based therapeutic potencies, Superfood concentrates with organic spirulina and herbal extracts.

Hype’s Brand Ambassadors activated in April, May and August for 4-hour in-store demos. Each month had a different theme:

  • April 2015: Personal & Planetary Health
  • May 2015: Women’s Health
  • August 2015: Kids Health

The vitamins sampled during these activations were: Sunny Gummy (Vitamin D), Probiolicious Gummies, Bear Essentials Kids Gummies, Vitamin C gummies, Women’s One and more! The goals and objectives of the program were:

  • Goal of the Rainbow Light Wellness Coaches:  “Role is to represent Rainbow Light in the field with positive, friendly and knowledgeable delivery to engage, educate and empower customers.”
  • The goal of the Transformational Wellness Program is to excite customers with product information through in-store health experience that results in product sales for Rainbow Light stores.
  • “Wellness Coaches” set up a Power Wheel display at each store to encourage consumers to find the right vitamins for them based on their age and health concerns (using the wheel)
  • Passed out vitamin samples in each store and pamphlets to educate people on the benefits of taking various daily vitamins
  • Promoting a new look and packaging for all Rainbow Light products


Overall all 3 months, Hype worked with 70+ Brand Ambassadors who deemed the name, “Wellness Coach”.  When hiring this staff, they all had to have sampling experience or relevant experience with health and wellness brands. Also had to have an engaging personality and possess a sense of professionalism and intelligence.


We were conducting 8-hour face-to-face training sessions on the east and west coast. Cities training were conducted in: New York, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Boston and San Francisco. Rainbow Light conducted educational sessions with the Wellness coaches going over the brand, the products, and the goals of the program. Then they held breakout sessions where Wellness Coaches practiced talking to each other about what they learned and even acted out scenarios of in-store interactions and scenarios!


Our brand ambassadors activated in high-end/luxury grocery stores like Whole Foods, Mom’s Organic Market, Sprouts, New Leaf, Pharmaca, Lassens and more! 1000+ demos were conducted in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Florida.


After each demo, Wellness Coaches had to fill out a detailed recap form describing how many bottles were sold or each product they sampled, how many customers they engaged with during the day and the feedback from consumers. Thousands of engagements were reported (one engagement = when a customer stops to listen to the Wellness Coach and interact with the wheel/try the samples). Tons of products sold at each store, mostly by people who had never heard of the brand before and were excited about improving their health with the vitamins.


Overall we received hugely positive feedback – consumers loved about the concept of having our Wellness Coach customize their specific vitamin needs based on their age and health issues. People were excited to start incorporating a daily vitamin into their everyday routine and really LOVED how the gummies tasted!