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November 23, 2016

Get Booked and Find the Perfect Match


In the experiential industry, promotional marketing and staffing agencies come a dime a dozen- but here at Hype, we stand out from the rest. We do not simply fill a warm body or hire a brand ambassador just to fill a roster. We look for staff that are a great fit for representing the brand, similar to that of a dating site. Just like finding your perfect match online, you don’t want to be matched with Joe Schmo or Basic Betty.  You want to find someone who you are compatible with, someone you share similar interests and values. I mean, isn’t it more fun to work events that you are actually interested in and passionate about?


How do you go about finding the perfect match when it comes to The Hype Agency’s events? Well, if you are not yet a member of our dashboard, we recommend creating a profile with us here.  With the profile you will receive notifications about all new, upcoming programs in the areas you’re willing to work.  When creating your profile, you can list the previous work you have done- whether that is even set up, modeling, beauty promos, etc.  If you’re new to the industry, be sure to include your updated resume, as well as the type of events you would like to work!

With events executing 24/7 and nationwide, it is important to recognize that you may not be the best fit for each and every program. However, that may not stop you from applying for them.  Most of the time, we will ask you to apply directly on the dashboard, however for some events, we do ask you reply directly to the email with a few requirements.

While we are searching for the best fit, we look at a few items before swiping right:



“A picture is worth a thousand words”

It is extremely imperative that you include clear, professional photos since that is all we have to present to the client besides your work history.  If you don’t represent yourself in the best light, how do you expect us to see you that way?


Selfies with your cellphone obstructing a clear view of you, any item from a bathroom in the background, mirror pics, filtered photos, blurry pictures, half of your face,



If we ask you to reply with additional attachments, be sure to reply with all items requested.  It not only provides us with the information needed, but shows us that you can take direction and focus on the details.



Having flexible schedules and open availability is key! Don’t make yourself available for an event that you aren’t available for.  If we are staffing for a multi-day event and you are available for only one day or two of the four, it is less likely you will be booked.  It is more difficult for the client to train a team and provide uniforms if we have a rotating team.  Be sure to know your schedule when applying.  We don’t want to waste yours or our time if you’re not available or fully interested in committing.



Having experience or interest in the event type or brand is important.  Being familiar with street teams or not being phased by working outside is great for those sampling events however, it is also important that your interests and experience match with the brand.  If you never played sports or have zero interest in athletics, applying for a high school football promotion would not make sense.


For those of you that meet the criteria on our staffing check list, we look forward to working with you!  For those who wonder why you are not getting “matched”, take a few minutes to check out your profile, give it an update and hopefully we’ll be more compatible to find you the perfect match in the future!