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November 19, 2019

#TalentTipTuesday: 10 Things That Require Zero Effort


  1. Being on time: As a Brand Ambassador being on time not only shows your employer that you respect and value their time, but that you genuinely care about the execution and success of the event. Remember early is on time and on time is late!
  2. Work Ethic: The best Brand Ambassadors take pride in their work and show dedication to producing the most enjoyable and memorable experiences for consumers onsite. They also continuously perform at their highest level regardless of if managers or clients are onsite.
  3. Effort: Plain and simple. The effort and what a Brand Ambassador brings to the table at an event directly affects the success, enjoyment and outcome of an event.
  4. Body Language: Body language can be seen as one of the most important and key aspects of communication, as it generally is the first impression you are presenting to someone. Two important tips Brand Ambassadors should keep in mind while onsite is to maintain eye contact and slow down speech and body movements.
  5. Energy: Having magnetic energy will not only help in your personal life but will help you excel in your work life as well. Keeping your energy high and HYPED onsite will improve teamwork, increase productivity and it’s contagious!
  6. Attitude: The right attitude helps you adapt to all situations and achieve positive results. When things don’t go exactly as planned at an event, it’s important for Hype! to have staff onsite that will handle the unexpected with positivity and assurance.
  7. Passion: People who are passionate about what they do will be happier and more productive at work. If you do not enjoy working specific event types- simply only apply and work events that excite and intrigue you. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. LOVE WHAT YOU DO.
  8. Being Coachable: Requesting feedback and being receptive to it is a desirable trait that helps workers become more productive, effective and adaptable while realizing there is always room for improvement.
  9. Doing Extra: No one gets by doing the bare minimum. Going above and beyond and offering to help or doing a job before it is asked of you will only help you and make you more admirable for future jobs.
  10. Being Prepared: Being prepared not only shows that you are organized and aware but helps an activation execute more fluently by eliminating any additional stress and unknowns.