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October 28, 2015

Program Spotlight: U.S. Army and Ten80 Education STEM Tour & Hype’s Brand Ambassadors

U.S. Army and Ten80 Education STEM Tour hosted events at local academic institutions and large sporting arenas for high-school students. The tour has activated in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Washington DC, New York and Colorado. Ten80’s goal is to inspire ALL students to engage in STEM learning because it is relevant to their lives and to provide content and support that channels that inspiration into real academic and emotional success in their chosen fields.


Approximately 400-500 students from local high schools are invited to participate in the days’ worth of activities. The day begins with a panel of speakers that address students and educators about the importance of STEM in their respective careers. After the speaker panel students break off into a series of workshops with the themes of ENGINEERING, ENTERPRISE, and INNOVATION. Students will form teams and build RC Vehicles, complete a series of think tank scenarios, and create branding for their team and vehicle. Students leave the program with tangible skills, inspired minds, and an eagerness to continue to learn.


The Ten80 Education is comprised of engineers, scientists, educators, and marketing professionals who have developed a unique and innovative STEM program. Ten80 develops and publishes K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum, trains educators in the art of STEM and organizes events that motivate students to engage and learn over time. The program’s ultimate goal is to get students excited for their education and to also encourage them to continue on with their education in higher education.

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The HYPE! Agency came into this program to provide brand ambassadors to assist students through the experience. The brand ambassadors’ roles and responsibilities ranged from:

–        Serving as the first point of contact for students by checking them in for the day of activities

–        Providing support throughout the day by guiding the students through the activities and navigating them to their next workshop

–        Handing out branded materials and lunch

–        Helping with the set-up and breakdown of the event

When selecting our team we looked for friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable BAs. Many of our brand ambassadors selected for the program had backgrounds in education and experience with younger audiences. Hype’s brand ambassadors who participated and worked the program shared a rewarding and enjoyable experience to have worked with the Ten80 Education Group and with the students at the events.