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October 3, 2019

Program Spotlight: Refinery29’s 29Rooms Takes on Toronto

If you follow Hype!’s social media, you have seen the amazing 29Rooms experience that is brought together by the work of creative and eccentric artists. Last week, the experience was brought up north to Toronto, Canada for the first time ever, and Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors were thrilled to be a part of it!

After the first stop in Chicago, Hype! quickly realized that this tour was going to be a favorite amongst its staff. Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors hopped on board and traveled themselves out to the following stops in Dallas, Atlanta and Toronto!

The country wasn’t the only thing that changed about the experience this time around! The brand rooms were switched up given the major location change. The new rooms brought a wave of exciting experiences that are meant to “expand the reality” of the consumers in a safe space for self-expression. The six new rooms include- COVERGIRL, Van Der Pop, Reebok, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Stella Artois.

The COVERGIRL room is inspired by their new COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Uncensored Mascara. The room is coined as a larger than life playground, filled with fringe walls and big bold lashes that are meant to match the personalities inside the room. Guests are invited to try on a variety of fringe and metallic jackets, and Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors encourage guests to take ‘Boomerangs’ and slo-mo videos at spots throughout the room to capture the movements of the clothing and walls while freely expressing themselves.

Van Der Pop, a female-focused cannabis brand brought to life a feminized cannabis dreamscape to indulge the senses of the consumers. Through a 360 degree space, they created a triad of interactive spaces that include: The Vibey Lounge- a warm communal space where attendees chat, learn how to roll (fake) joints and connect with each other, The Sensual Bedroom- guests are immersed in a world filled with confessions and discoveries around sex and cannabis and The Dreamy Sanctuary- attendees walk through the sanctuary path to find 3 floral installations. Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors act as guides encouraging guests to explore and interact with all three aspects of the room.

Reebok’s room was created for guests to sport the unexpected and channel their inner game changer! The exterior of the room sets the scene of a fitness studio with Reebok products from the years showcased. As guests enter the room, they are immersed in a 90’s throwback where a fitness instructor encourages them to take their places and begin a warmup routine. As the energy rises, the lights dim and a disco ball illuminates creating an upbeat vibe. As well as participating in a workout class, Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors encourage photo opportunities with the illuminated walls and hula-hoop, as well as distribute Reebok socks and hair scrunchies.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario created a unique space inside of a massive milk carton highlighting the limitless possibilities of milk. This room features an array of interactive pieces such as a cookie fridge where guests discover a large flow of milk when opening the door, a drum wall that is used to showcase milk as a nutritional superfood and its ability to energize and a hammock wall that allows guests to sit, relax and admire all of milk’s benefits.

Shoppers Drug Mart essentially created a ‘beauty Shoppers’ Shop Class’, where guests are invited to step inside, pick up a drill and build their own beauty tool kit. The room offers an abundance of photo opportunities as well as advice from beauty experts, hoping to make all attendees feel beautiful, brilliant and brave. Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors help with handing out safety checklists as guests enter the room, assist with taking photos and encourage the posting on social media using the hashtag #shoppersbeautypros.

As guests immerse themselves in the Stella Artois Sensorium, Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors guide them through the experience that includes: a drive-thru journey where guest have the opportunity to order traditional drive-thru food in a non-traditional way, a vending machine journey where guests watch as their ordered food is prepared through a small window and a Le Village Market journey offering unexpected savory macarons.

As the tour heads back to the US, the branded rooms will transition back to US brands, and we hope you continue to follow along on our journey to Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York City!!