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September 21, 2016

Program Spotlight: Built with Chocolate Milk!

Early this past Spring we kicked off a long running program with Built with Chocolate Milk at Rock n Roll Marathons nationwide! Our brand ambassadors are stationed at the finish line of the marathon where they congratulate athletes on completing the race, and pass out free samples of various low fat chocolate milk brands. Examples of local brands include Deans, Shamrock Farms, Land O Lakes, PET Dairy, and more! Our brand ambassadors explain to racers all the benefits of drinking chocolate milk as a post-workout recovery drink because of its low-fat and high-protein characteristics! The brand ambassadors also encourage athletes to get involved with the Built with Chocolate Milk campaign by visiting the website and follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to receive live updates!



At each event, we supply 1 Team Lead and 1 Brand Ambassador who hand out the chocolate milk to athletes and educate them about the recovery benefits of chocolate milk. In addition, the Team Lead captures photos and takes down notes on consumer comments and number of samples distributed.




Rock n Roll Marathon

Washington DC March 12th

Dallas                    March 20th

San Francisco      April 3rd

Raleigh                    April 10th

Nashville                April 30th

San Diego              June 5th

Seattle                     June 18th

Chicago                  July 17th

Virginia Beach    Sept 4th

Philly                       Sept 18th

San Jose                  October 2nd

Brooklyn                October 8th

St. Louis                 October 16th

Denver                    October 16th

Los Angeles           October 30th

Savannah               November 4th

Las Vegas                November 13th

San Antonio         December 4th



At each race, our booth is always one of the most packed areas- with athletes looking for an AWESOME recovery drink! Our BA’s have been doing an incredible job of educating participants about this post-workout drink and our activations have generated a ton of positive feedback across social media! We’re looking forward to continuing to spread the chocolate milk love this fall and winter at more upcoming Rock n Roll races!



Twitter @chocolate_milk

Instagram @builtwithchocolatemilk