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August 17, 2016

#InternDiaries – Makayla’s Last Week!

From the desk of Makayla-

My last week at Hype—ahh!! Although it is exciting to be heading back to school, I will truly miss it here. Working at Hype has been an extremely fun and educational experience. I have definitely improved on skills such as time management and organization. I can honestly say Hype has been the best internship I’ve ever had! This wasn’t the typical go-get-me-coffee kind of gig—I felt like I actually had an impact on some projects.

In my past internship at a large financial firm, I felt like I didn’t really get a taste of what working in a position there would be like, and isn’t that what internships are all about? This was the complete opposite at Hype. I felt like I had responsibilities that weren’t just busy work. I felt like I was a contributing member of the team, and that’s a great feeling! I really want to thank the Hype team for making me feel so welcome here! This office has an awesome atmosphere and the bond between these co-workers is terrific.

Coming into this internship, I had no idea who the people working at guerilla marking events were or how they got the position. Now I know that these events wouldn’t be possible without Hype. It’s an awesome perspective on marketing and has given me a great understanding for what it really takes to promote a brand!


From Hype-

We cannot believe how quickly this summer flew by and we are so sad to see Makayla go! Makayla will be going into her Junior year studying Marketing Analysis and Math. Her goals for this upcoming year is to study abroad in New Zealand for the Spring Semester and to continue making the Dean’s List! Best of luck Makayla- we hope our paths cross again in the future!!