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August 13, 2019

Staffing Pride Events Nationwide

This year Hype! celebrated Pride all over the US, representing a variety of brands that want to bring positivity, fun, empowerment, and expansion to the LGBTQ community. With the help of Hype’s Brand Ambassadors, these brands were able to do just that!

Throughout the weeklong NYC Pride Festival, 25 of Hype’s Brand Ambassador’s across Manhattan were sampling Diet Coke. However, this was not your typical sampling experience. Hype’s Brand Ambassadors helped encourage attendees to break out of the labels and live their lives authentically. Through guerilla sampling, as well as a large footprint set up, Hype’s Brand Ambassadors assisted attendees with tasting unlabeled flavors of Diet Coke and letting them decide on a flavor.

Across the country, in Seattle, 19 of Hype’s Brand Ambassadors helped with the 50th Anniversary of Seattle PrideFest. PrideFest is a non-profit organization that took over Seattle’s month-long festivities and helped transform it from a small community event to the single busiest event held at Seattle Center every year. Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were the first faces attendees saw, greeting guests as they arrived, collecting monetary donations, helping direct attendees and most importantly handing out pride beads, stickers and pins! Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were able to have a lot of fun when dressing for the event as they were able to customize their uniform to however, they saw fit! From tutus, unicorn headbands, and face paint; the staff really got to embody the event instead of just working it!

Heading a little south to San Francisco, Comcast kicked off their Pride celebrations at San Francisco’s city parade. 10 of Hype’s bilingual Brand Ambassadors helped drive traffic, engage with consumers and bring smiles to attendees faces, with their bright and eccentric uniforms! On site, Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were assisting with an array of games, karaoke, a photo booth and even a meet & greet with the cast of Vida, a series on Starz!

Verizon Wireless has been keeping busy with the help of Hype’s Brand Ambassadors as they continue their Pride tour around different US cities. Since May, Verizon Wireless and Hype’s Brand Ambassadors have visited 6 of the country’s Pride Parades driving mass awareness of Verizon’s support of the LGBTQ community. Within the setup is a photo opportunity where Hype’s Brand Ambassadors are encouraging attendees to SAY CHEESE and post their photos with the hashtag #connectedbypride.