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August 3, 2016

#Intern Diaries – Week 4

From the desk of Makayla-

I really do learn something new every day! This week I had the opportunity to be a part of a new program kick off for an ECCO Shoes program. We kicked it off with a client call to review all of the logistics and expectations for the program.  This meant that we had a conference call to start working out logistics and expectations for the program. It was so interesting and exciting to see something kick off and I cannot wait to see how this program evolves.

We also worked on a program that required staffing 81 Brand Ambassadors- yes, 81! Last week was a wild ride with all of the interviews and recruiting for the right staff for the job. As I am getting the opportunity to take on more tasks, I’m seeing programs holistically and how the detailed the entire staffing process is.