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August 3, 2017

Finding the Perfect Fit: Staffing Comic-Con San Diego

When it comes to staffing costume characters for one of the biggest cosplay events of the year, San Diego Comic-Con, “One does not simply provide warm bodies to fill the role!”


one does not simply..


The Ask:

For this year’s Comic-Con, Hype was tasked with staffing thirteen Medieval Knights to promote the premier of a new network television series. Each Knight was dressed head to toe with a custom outfit that included a metal helmet, sword, shield, and chainmail pieces. They had to truly embody the look and attitude of the characters they were representing. Due to the high profile nature of Comic-Con and the very specific needs of our client, we knew staffing this program would be much more detailed than simply filling the Knight costume with just any brand ambassador.




The Interviewing and Screening:

The interview process was much more vigorous and intensive; really digging into the brand ambassadors’ experience beyond a typical costume character or high-energy BA position. While screening candidates, we needed to find candidates with a wide-range of mascot experience . Each candidate needed to truly understand the difficulties of being in costume- you know the feeling of being sticky, hot, and uncomfortable yet still remaining in character for an extended period of time. Asking the right questions and really spending the time to comb through responsibilities of the role allowed us to weed out any uncertain candidates. It also gave us confidence in the commitment level the staff had to this position.


The Results:

From the beginning to the end of four very long days, every one of our Knights completely embodied their character. As a team, we exceeded expectations in all aspects of this program.


Our client said, “The Knights were a hilarious and motivated group of guys and we really enjoyed getting to know them all. The BAs were strong as well and helped run our activation run smoothly. Each staff member had great professionalism, flexibility, and positivity which heightened the experience for each consumer.   What we appreciated most was that each person provided strong feedback daily on how to make our event run even better.”


Here at Hype, we truly take pride in our staffing efforts and the recognitions we receive for our successful activations! All it takes is a call, quick email, or even filling out our proposal request to get started on staffing your next experiential event.