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July 28, 2020

#TalentTipTuesday – Review Your W4

Moved out of state to college, or back home from college?  

Moved permanently, or temporarily to a new state?  

Got married or divorced?  

Have a new dependent?

All great reasons to review your W4 Form!


Hype! will withhold your Federal and State Payroll Taxes by following your most recent W4 Form on file with us. If you haven’t sent our Accounting Department a W4 Form in over a year, or if your situation has changed, please take the time to complete a new W4 form and send it back to (You can download the form here..) This will ensure your taxes are being withheld using the status and number of dependents you request. As a reminder, State and Local taxes will be withheld from your pay in accordance with the state you are working in.