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July 27, 2016

#TheInternDiaries – Week 3

From the desk of Erin-

After completing my third week of this internship I am finally understanding everything. It might have helped that I asked an overwhelming amount of questions along the way! Seeing all the work that these girls do it makes me happy knowing that I can help them with whatever they may need. It really is awesome seeing all the work they do and having it come together in end just as planned. All the work that goes into each and every event that may go unnoticed really matters in the long run of the event and for the benefit of the client!


From the desk of Makayla-

This week was filled with new experiences! I learned so much while helping Ryane and Laurel staffing new events that were right around the corner! The details of the activations I was working on changed quite a few times- this gave me the opportunity to see how efficiently the team here deals with changes in their programs!