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July 18, 2017

#TheInternDiaries – Week 7 & 8

From the desk of Alyssa


Week 7: This week was a little bit odd having almost a week off again. Fourth of July was this past Tuesday, and on Wednesday we came in having a lot to catch up on! The month of July has a lot going on and I’ve worked many different programs this week.

Drew, Seanna and I were all talking about the biggest thing we’ve learned, and the most disappointing thing that has happened, since Seanna and I have started at the Hype. I reflected a bit and thought about what I have learned at the Hype; I realized I have become SO much more comfortable and confident in just talking. In my previous internship, I dreaded having to pick up the phone and now it’s a piece of cake! I also have learned just how important the little details are. Success doesn’t come easily or at the snap of your fingers, it takes time. The office was very energetic this week and we all worked together to get everything done!


Week 8: This week went very very well (minus the food poisoning that started my week)! I started on staffing an event that required 20 brand ambassadors and was a quick turnaround.  I feel happy with where I’m at this week and am excited to get back into the office next week! It’s so sad to see how quickly the time is flying by this summer!