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June 26, 2019

Program Spotlight: Diet Coke Experiential Sampling Tour

Since January, Hype! and our partner CSM LeadDog have been working for the second year in a row with Diet Coke on a nationwide sampling tour debuting their new 4 new flavors! The tour teams activate 5 hub markets- Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, and New York City. The tour kicked off in all hub markets with 4 weeks of full can sampling. Then it continued on with a national college tour spanning over 15 weeks. The tour teams were equipped with a toolkit of experiences that evolves over a 24-hour period to match the mindset of college students! The teams activated on over 127 college campuses across the country, and Hype! provided local brand ambassador staff in each market. As the college tour wrapped in May, the teams went back to the hub markets to close out the last 9 weeks this summer!


There are 2 components to the activation, non-permission guerilla sampling and a full-footprint set up. The footprint set up features a branded step-truck with the new Diet Coke flavors displayed brightly on both sides. With the release of exciting new flavors such as – Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Blueberry Acai, and Strawberry Guava our brand ambassadors focus on consumer engagements while driving traffic and sampling opportunities to the footprint! With a few more weeks to go, Hype’s staff have activated activating at over 150 events with over 320 of Hype’s Brand Ambassadors on-site!