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June 15, 2017

#TheInternDiaries – Week 3 & 4

From the desk of Alyssa


Week 3: June 6th-June 7th

This week I continued to work on our USGA Open program. I learned a lot in this short week, and did some more training with Ryane, Hype’s Director of Activations. I worked a lot with our internal staffing database and Hype’s online on-boarding system. I have felt so much more confident in the work I’ve been doing and I am really enjoying learning everything that I have been. I don’t think I have ever used Excel this much in my life (lol)!! Drew and Seanna have been so great and helpful! Couldn’t ask for better bosses and mentors!


Week 4: June 13th– 14th

This was another short week for me as I did not come in the office because Drew and Seanna were working at E3. Coming in today (Wed. 6/14) was nice after being gone for about a week! I started working on the Built with Chocolate Milk program and am continuing to learn the Hype process and all of the little details that go into flawlessly staffing our events. I am also learning the administrative process and “behind the scenes” work, which is pretty extensive. I can’t wait to keep learning more!