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June 2, 2017

#TheInternDiaries – Week 1 & 2 on the West Coast

From the desk of Alyssa (West Coast Intern)


FIRST WEEK!!!  May 23- May 25, 2017

My first day at The Hype, I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I came in and was immediately greeted by Drew and Seanna who had great energy and instantly made me feel welcomed. I became very excited to start working with them because they were such fun, energetic, and smart individuals. I couldn’t wait to start learning about the marketing and event-staffing world!! The office was very cozy and cute. Seanna writes daily inspirational quotes on the whiteboard, which start my mornings off with a smile. My first week entailed a lot of training and setting up. I immediately started making calls for an event. I shadowed Drew and Seanna a lot, and they were SUPER helpful with any questions I had. Seanna and Drew insisted I try this coffee that was in the cupboard, which was sooo gross. I guess we could call that my initiation into the office lol!


My second day was pretty short and I was able to help out Drew make calls to find an interpreter for one of our events. I wrote up a mini bio about myself for Stephanie, got to set up my desk and organized everything so I was able to really get settled in. Everything went very smoothly and quickly. I can really see myself learning a lot here while still having a good time!


The last day I was feeling a lot more comfortable with things I was asked to do. I started writing my #interndiary and soon after started interviewing people for Brand Ambassador positions. I was SUPER nervous to make my first call and luckily it went to voicemail. But…there were still 7 people on the list who had to be called. One was bound to pick up. So, I ended up calling 3 more people until someone finally answered. It went well!! I didn’t feel so nervous anymore and continued to make calls. It got smoother and smoother as the day went on. Up until I got a bit too confident and called the wrong person… Oops!! Seanna was super cool and told me not to stress and that it’s good to make mistakes and learn from them. Overall, BIG learning day!


Second Week!!! May 30- June 1, 2017

This week I really started feeling more comfortable with interviewing people. I helped staff the USGA Open event in Erin, WI and I put together the staff deck once we found everyone. It was a bigger event and we needed about 20 individuals, which was a lot harder to find than I thought. The office is such a fun atmosphere and I am already learning so much. These past two weeks have been a great experience thus far!!