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Talent Tip Tuesday: Tips For Hitting The Road

Leaving for a mobile tour is an extremely exciting time for promotional staff and it can also be understandably overwhelming for first timers! Hype’s Activation Specialists put together tips and tricks to help you feel like a veteran before hitting the road!


Any Plans?

A tour commitment typically restricts you from traveling back and forth between home. Make sure to double (and triple) check your schedule before confirming any tour positions.


Cha- Ching!

Hype! makes getting your paycheck even easier with direct deposit while on tour! Be sure to check with your Activation Specialist and Accounting to confirm your most current bank information is on file.


Wallet Check

This one is a no brainer- don’t forget your wallet and any important travel documents!

Also, make sure that your license will not expire while on tour!


Pack Light!

Keep in mind, you will be wearing your uniform for a majority of the time and space is limited on tour vehicles, so non-uniform items can be kept to a minimum.

*ALSO take advantage of hotel’s free toiletries when you can!


Bank Check In

Notify your bank before traveling so your card does not get declined for “fraud”. Having to call your bank when your card is declined is a headache, save yourself the hassle and schedule travel notifications.


Hotel Apps

Make sure you are familiar with researching hotels and comfortable with booking! Download useful apps such as and Expedia for easy, convenient booking! Using your per diem wisely can help you save extra cash in the end!