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April 27, 2016

Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Saul

Saul is an all star in the experiential marketing industry and has been in this biz for 8 years. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Saul on various activations over the years and he never disappoints. Most recently Saul has worked with Hype during the San Francisco Nike Marathon and even got to work with Hype and Verizon at the Staples Center during Kobe Bryant’s last game! “Where else do you get paid to work an event, others paid thousands of dollars to attend”, Saul told us when asked what his favorite recent event was.


He started in the industry as a mascot and instantly became hooked. From mascot to brand ambassador to product specialist and market manager- Saul has been it all. Though he loves working on the front lines as a B.A. Saul is so passionate about his career in experiential marketing and truly loves that he can bring smiles to peoples’ faces and introduce them to new products or concepts. He loves working high energy, engaging events. He takes his profession very seriously and his gripe is the transient nature of some brand ambassadors whom he’s encountered.


Saul’s three key traits to being a rock star brand ambassador are:


1.   Be punctual: Can’t emphasize this enough. 

It is always stressful when you aren’t sure staff will show up or not.


 2.   There’s no I in TEAM: It’s a team effort.  The better you do your job, the easier you make it on everybody else to do theirs and vice versa.  This includes knowing your product/talking points.


 3.   ALWAYS SMILE!!! This has to be one of the most fun jobs on earth. Smile and enjoy it!