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April 12, 2016

Talent Tip Tuesday: Spring Cleaning, Tips & Tricks

Spring is officially here and as the event calendars grow, weekends get booked, and new promotions are offered- we have our Top 7 Essentials for Spring promotions!


  • Update your resume!  Maybe you just finished a winter tour with a mobile company, did a series of sampling as a team lead, or are a recent addition to the promotional world! In any sense, we want to see your team lead roles, your ambassador experiences, and tour manager skills!



  • Update your photos! When submitting your resume, we always ask for current/updated photos! What better way to ensure the most current photo than to take with the date in hand?  Without these we would have no idea if a Promotional Model’s appearance has changed; hair color, weight loss/gain, medical condition etc.  (Best if these are taken in front of a white wall and full body!) Grab a friend, snap a pic, and send along with all of your applications!



  • Khaki and Black Pants – Clients and brands will like you to look professional when on site and ask you to wear one of these options. TIP: Go through your closet, throw out the pair with the coffee stain and the missing button, and be sure to have a comfortable fitting pair of Khakis and Black Pants.  We promise, these will be an investment and you’ll be glad you have them.



  • Water Bottle –Most activations are 4+ hours and you may be standing for that whole time. Bringing a water bottle is a great habit and will keep you hydrated during the whole promotion!



  • Bring a snack – Nothing worse than to lose your energy when on-site! Keep your blood sugar up and bring an apple, granola bar, or hydrating drink to make sure you keep those smiles going all day long! TIP: Buying snacks in bulk can help make sure you always have one on hand.



  • A charged phone – to take your check-in photo and be in communication with your Hype manager.  Schedules change, locations vary, and thing can happen on site.  Having a charged phone can be the best resource for photo taking, being in contact with your team lead and in contact with your Hype manager! TIP: keep a spare charger in your car or bag – you can always take the time on your break to find a plug and give your phone some juice.



  • Comfortable tennis shoes –  When working promos, chances are we’ll be asking for a clean, neutral colored sneaker. You’ll want to invest in a comfortable, and classic go to sneaker for those all day or outdoor events!  So slip into your comfy sneaks and let’s kick off a great promo season!



If you are new or current talent, always be sure to keep your resume current and update your Hype profile with recent photos! We look forward to working with you all this event season!