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March 23, 2016

Benefits of Having an Office Pet

Who doesn’t love to scratch the ears of a tail-wagging puppy?  Or to curl up on the couch next to their feline friend?  It’s always great after a long day of work to come home to that always loving face.  But did you know that if these moments happen in the office, you are more likely to be a happier person?

We have read that having “man’s best friend” at the office can help employees feel less stressed than those who leave their dogs at home.  Their presence can lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety levels and increase your motivation to exercise and hydrate. As a pet-friendly office, Hype would like to share with you the perks of bringing your furry friends to work!



We have a few of furry friends that frequent the Hype office:

Frank, our lovable Boxer and the VP of Business Development.  He is well known around the neighborhood.  He’s even trained our FedEx man to bring him treats!
Steven Jobs aka Steve- a fluffy, talkative (and handsy) ragdoll cat who loves a good dress up day!
Duke, a wildly outgoing cockapoo with a love of head scratches and will only sit still if you let him help you read your emails!
Then there’s Athena, a long haired German Shepherd and majestic beauty. She is constantly smiling and has the temperament of a giant teddy bear!


Being in the event industry our jobs can get super stressful! Things can go quickly go south, human error is bound to happen and details are constantly changing. But having a furry friend around brightens those not-so-great moments and helps to decrease the amount of stress in the workplace!