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March 16, 2016

Creating a Lasting Experience with Millennials

by Laurel Kazanjian, Assistant Activation Specialist


As a millennial and a recent college graduate, who was involved in student activities, I am very familiar with the want and need of free swag- just as Carrie Cummings noted in her recent article in Adweek (What Millennials Want to See (and Take Home) From Branded Events). I originally got involved on campus during my undergraduate career because I was told I would receive free pizza and eventually a t-shirt or two. I am not sure about you, but when I am offered free food and free clothes, there’s no way I’m turning that down!


Once committed to campus activities, the experience that was created around being a part of the student organization was a great one! After our brief 30 minute meetings, I was SO looking for to the next big campus event (and all the goodies that came along with that; like a sweet new t-shirt to add to my collection). In Cummings’ article she mentions that in order to capture millennials’ attention and to win us over, an experience needs to be created. I 100% agree with that statement.


Thinking of all the free swag I have collected over the years, I would say my personal favorites are those that are attached to events where I created memories and those would be my t-shirts. But why?  I have plenty of key chains and gadgets that were nonchalantly passed to me on the street but with each t-shirt, came an experience.  Each time I wear one of those t-shirts, I am reminded of a spring concert weekend spent with my best friends, a talent showcase featuring an amazingly talented (and handsome) male duet, my best friend’s volleyball game, the first event I planned in graduate school, and so many more events I will never forget because I received some free swag!