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February 21, 2019

Garrett’s Go-tos: Travel Tips & Tricks

From the desk of Garrett Kubon

In the world of brand activations, the Super Bowl is the granddaddy of them all. It is a place where you can reach people from all walks of life in one place- from corporate big wigs to raving football fanatics. Some come for the big game, but many come for the spectacle!

The excitement of the Super Bowl spans for a much longer time than just the big game on Sunday night. It is packed with more than a week’s worth of incredible experiences and happenings. This year, the activities created as much excitement as the game! Hype was fortunate enough to partner with Momentum World Wide once again for multiple Verizon activations hosted at Super Bowl Live, Super Bowl Experience, The NFL House and more.

With 11 activation days and 50+ staff to coordinate and train, it was imperative to stay organized, prepared and flexible. My experience at my second Super Bowl was overwhelmingly positive, but not without hiccups.  No matter what, bring a good attitude! At the Super Bowl the hours are long, the down time is short and like all events, things can go wrong. When you’re stressed out, you need a level head to be the best event producer you can be.


Here are eight tips and tricks I used to make my trip to Atlanta feel like home.

  1. Start the day with a strong cup of coffee. Routine is important and if you need that caffeine kick, make sure you get it while you have some down time in the morning.
  2. Comfortable shoes are an absolute must! I logged an average of 7 miles a day while working this year’s Super Bowl, and let me tell you, your feet can make or break your day. Even if you must go business casual, pack those insoles- they will be your best friend.
  3. Take some time to get to know your staff, clients and event professionals. Many times, these are the people you talk on the phone with on a weekly basis. Make it a point to create personal connections that help you put a face to a name. On this trip, I had meals with staff, met with clients and old friends who were in town. The Super Bowl is a great way to network with any and all people- you never know when these connections may come in handy on-site or in the future.
  4. Stay hydrated and eat when you can. In a setting like the Super Bowl, there are dozens of things happening at once and many curve balls that will be thrown your way. If you find yourself near the water cooler or near a box of granola bars, take advantage of your opportunity and get some food and water in you. There is no telling if your next chance might be in an hour or at the end of the day.
  5. Take extra precautions with your technology. Download crucial apps like Outlook, Google Drive and Sheets on your smart phone so you have access to all of your important documents while on the go. Additionally, make sure you have a reliable external charger for when your phone hits low battery and you don’t have access to an outlet. Also utilize your mobile hot spot from your smart phone, or better yet, carry a Wi-Fi hotspot for your emergency internet needs.
  6. Prepare and organize yourself as best you can, but don’t panic when things go wrong… Like when you’re half way through the Super Bowl activations and your smart phone kicks the bucket! This happened to me while on-site and it was one costly and time-consuming trip to the Apple store! Make sure you communicate with your team and delegate work if you must step off-site and always remember to back up your phone before a big work trip!
  7. If you have some down time, do something you enjoy and give yourself a break. Atlanta was chock full of activities like: The Georgia Aquarium, The Civil Rights Museum and countless amazing restaurants. However, I chose to spend my free time a little off the beaten path. I am a huge fan of soccer and the Manchester City Football Club, so I sought out the local Man. City fan club and caught a game at a local pub with many Atlanta locals. I love meeting new people and I cannot compliment Atlanta’s southern hospitality enough. Remember, unwinding from days of hard work is important too!
  8. Take a deep breath and take a look around! You’re at the dang Super Bowl!!! Enjoy the moment and take advantage of every opportunity you can. After all, you never know when you’ll be back.