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February 12, 2021

6th Annual #PromoLoveStory

This past year is not what anyone thought it would be. It certainly was a challenging year, to say the least, but we still had hope that people were able to find some joy, light and even love during 2020. For those of you who may be new to Hype!, each year for Valentine’s Day we run a contest called: #PromoLoveStory. This is our 6th year and we are so excited to announce our WINNER!

Jessie has been working in the promotional industry for over 6 years- many of those years with Hype! Here is her #PromoLoveStory :

I’m SO excited for this to be a thing this year. I’m so proud and happy to be able to submit (finally!).

Throughout those years (of working promotions) I’ve, for the most part, been single. Which eventually became okay with me. I learned how to love myself. And we all know how awesome promos are. So I fell in love with the hustle and working them. However, that all changed at one of my favorite promos I ever worked over a year ago…

Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, September 20-22, 2019 was the weekend everything changed.
I was working the event for Postmates. And I had never been. But it was one AMAZING experience. My team was awesome. I got to enjoy the festival and represent Postmates in a super positive way. After 3 long days, it was the end of the activation. We were cut at 10pm. Everyone was exhausted, including me. But there was one more artist playing – Post Malone. Now I don’t even like him typically, but I thought “it’s an experience. I’ll go watch.” So I did. And while over there I met who I didn’t know then would now be the love of my life. He also said he didn’t even like Post Malone and had just followed a friend over. Neither of us remembers who approached who (most likely me because I was still in promo mode). But I met this guy and we exchanged numbers. Then I didn’t see him after that. Midweek he reached out. I was shocked. But we agreed to hang out that weekend. I thought it would be a brief thing, but after that following weekend, we started going on “dates” a few times a week. Both of us fought feelings (even though they were there) until February 2020. He finally said he couldn’t keep seeing me because he didn’t want either of us to get hurt, not knowing what we wanted. He did it in THE most respectful way. So I couldn’t even be angry. But I cried for days and realized, “wow. I actually love him. Crap.” That week we tried the “friend” thing. Didn’t work too well. The week after was my birthday and Valentine’s Day, in which he took me out both nights and officially asked me to be his girlfriend on 2/15. I gave him a 24-hour cancellation window haha. Then March 13th happened. Lockdown hit. Would we split up? Would we stay quarantined together? We chose the latter. In a 375 sq studio, I live in. For MONTHS. Because he had a roommate at his place. And in that time we grew SO much closer. We learned so much about each other. We kept sane over so many things, including what bonded us, to begin with – music! We even had our own silent disco parties!

Now it’s a year later. We’re officially living together. Raising two kitties haha. We’ve spent nearly 24/7 together for a whole year. He’s from Texas and I’m from NY, so we haven’t seen my family. But we’ve visited his family twice. In which case marriage was brought up (which I didn’t believe in until now). And he told them it would happen soon. It’s crazy. But thanks to an incredible promo, I found the love of my life. I found my absolute best friend. And I’m excited to get back to working promos again, and I can return home and tell him all about my day. I miss that.

Congrats Jessie- thanks for sharing your #PromoLoveStory with us!