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February 9, 2016

Talent Tip Tuesday: Getting Booked as an Emcee

Do you love getting the crowd HYPE’D up during an activation? Not afraid to hop on the mic and get the party started? We’re always looking for fresh new Emcee talents to help create memorable experiences during our activations. This week’s Talent Tip Tuesday is all about how to get booked as an Emcee!


1. Make sure your profile reflects the qualities of an Emcee. Be sure to select Emcee under Special Skills/Certifications as it is one of our filtering options when we send the initial job blast.

*TIP: Do you have a website showcasing your experience OR a YouTube page? Include that as your website on your profile.


2. Follow the requirements in the booking email. If we ask for a demo reel and you don’t have one, use your cellphone or webcam to record a quick video introducing yourself- this is a great was for us to get a feel for your personality.

3. Be energetic! During our first conversation with you were are looking to hear your personality shine through the phone. If you sound lax and monotone on the phone, its going to be difficult to picture you hyping up a crowd!

4. If you haven’t sent in some type of reel, video of a past Emcee gig or clip introducing yourself, go back to #2 and send us a video! We want to see you being engaging and interactive even if you’re alone in your living room talking to a wall.

*TIP: For bonus points, take the time to “act out” the event we are looking to hire you for. Make up a scenario of how you would be acting during the activation!


Ready to get started?! Head over to our Talent page and log in to update your profile!