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January 16, 2020

Program Spotlight: PopTV presents Visit Schitt’s Creek Tour

PopTV and CBS came together with AKJOHNSTON to create an immersive experience and give fans an inside look at one of America’s most popular TV shows, Schitt’s Creek, and Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were lucky to be a part of it! The pop up first kicked off in Los Angeles and then made its way cross country to New York City. The pop up was created to promote the show’s upcoming and final season, as well as give dedicated fans a chance to experience what life would be like in the town of Schitt’s Creek, with over nine recreated locations and iconic props from the show.


During the activation, Hype’s team of 6-7 Brand Ambassadors were there to make the town of Schitt’s Creek come to life! They assisted with an array of photo opportunities in the Rosebud Motel, the Schitt’s Creek town sign, Café Tropical, Johnny and Moira’s motel room, Moira’s wig wall, and the Rose Apothecary. Throughout the 5-day activation in both cities, cast members from the show, producers and executives from CBS and PopTV, as well as other various artists and influencers came to show their support. Everyone was encouraged to share their experience on social media with @PopTV, #VisitSchittsCreek, and even a special Instagram filter called “Moira’s Wigs”. All in all, Hype’s Brand Ambassadors helped give beloved fans a memorable farewell to Schitt’s Creek.