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Subway Super Bowl NFL Experience

Program Overview

The goal of this activation was to provide guests with an immersive experience through the fantastical vision of the celebrity Subway Signature Sandwiches. The Vault room had LED screens surrounded with fans, amazing sound and scent technology, to give you the full effect. There were time slots of when the guests were going to make an appearance and during those times, the vault stopped the video experience, to make way for sandwich signings. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a signature, the athlete autographed their REAL sandwich with an edible pen, along with a photo op. Unfortunately, the sandwich was the only thing that could signed. After you got your picture taken with the athlete along with your signed sandwich, there were fresh subway cookies at the end and at random, the emcee would interview and engage with the fans leaving the vault.


Staffing Overview

Super Bowl LVI hosted an NFL experience at the LA Convention Center. It was a 5-day unbelievable event to get fans excited as the countdown to the Super Bowl began. From memorabilia, to interactive activities such as football drills to who can kick the most accurate field goal, this experience had it all. There was something for all ages, from a DJ and a dance floor, a beer garden even a kids play area; you can feel the excitement and energy.

  • 1 Team Lead
  • 1 Emcee
  • 8 Brand Ambassadors

Each BA played an important role to the experience. Line control, opening and closing the vault door, making sure the sandwiches were allready to go to be signed, the emcee interacting with guests while they wait in long lines, and making sure they were always uplifted and positive since not everyone was able to have a signed sandwich.

The Result

  • 50 sandwiches were given out at each Signature Sandwich guest appearance
  • Selfie lights were given to each guests that visited the immersive vault experience
  • Lines were 2 hours long and people were so excited to go through the experience live