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Netflix’s The Mitchells vs The Machines PR Stunt

Program Overview

To celebrate the release of Netflix’s newest animated feature film The Mitchells vs The Machines Hype brought the dynamic movie to life! The goal of the program was to crate of full-on experience out of the time that consumers spend waiting for their gas tanks to fill, before sending them on their way excited to watch the film. By taking over 2 gas stations in Los Angeles, CA and Hoboken, NJ and giving them a complete branding makeover guests were fully immersed in The Mitchells vs The Machines.

HYPE Agency

Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

Consumers were greeted at the full-service gas pump by a brand ambassador to pump their gas for them. Next, a robot character from the film would approach the car to interact with guests using specific lines and lingo from the movie. A Photography BA accompanied each robot to the car and would take pictures of the consumers in their car while adding an overlay from the movie. Consumers could then scan a QR to download and share the photo. The first 100 consumers each day also left the experience with a fluffy pillow or coloring book!

  • Costume Characters
  • Actors
  • Skilled Talent
  • Greeters
  • Brand Ambassadors

The Result

To bring the movie to life, Hype filled a variety of roles to give guests the full experience including:

Los Angeles:

-1 Team Lead

-8 Robot Costume Characters

-4 Photography BAs

-2 Gas Pump Attendants



-1 Team Lead

-8 Robot Costume Characters

-2 Photography BAs


The robot character required very strict sizing. To fit in this costume, staff had to be within 1-2 inches of the parameters provided by the client. Staff for this position were also required to have acting or theater experience as they were provided a script to follow while interacting with guests. In order to make this experience one that guests would not forget, it was imperative that the perfect staff member was hired for this position.

This program ran for 7 straight days with 8hr shifts each day. In California with strict overtime laws, Hype needed to make sure we were managing staff hours and breaks correctly.