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Coca-Cola x NCAA March Madness

Program Overview

Bringing awareness of Coca-Cola brands during the NCAA March Madness College Tournament in New Orleans and Minneapolis. Hype gathered brand ambassadors from across the country who fit the mold to represent Coca-Cola and their vision for the weekend’s events. From entertaining crowds at interactive Fan Fests to photobooths at a music festival and onto the streets sampling their brands; Hype’s talented staff were acknowledged by the client’s testimony of “ we couldn’t have done it without you”.

Coca-Cola being a large sponsor of the NCAA March Madness College Tournament wanted to promote and education patrons of the tournament weekend on their brands; Coke Zero Sugar, Powerade, and Starlight. Brands were supported through multiple different interactive footprints throughout New Orleans and Minneapolis. Footprints included music festivals, fan fests, stadium exit samplings, and street teams using guerilla style marketing. BAs were assigned to different activations within the footprint which included facilitating games, dancing with the crowd, Emceeing activations, handing out poured and full can samples and many other moments of guest engagement.

Powerade BA backdrop
Coke emceeing
Coke Zero BAs
Powerade BAs

Brand Ambassador Responsibilities

Brand Ambassadors for both markets were Basketball Fanatics! We surveyed during the interview process their interest in sporting events, brand loyalists, and familiarity of the venues. Their expertise on the brand and event requirements were factored into their activation placement. Energetic and Enthusiastic BAs were needed in high engagement activation such as Fan Fest and Tourney Town. BAs that had backgrounds in beverage sampling were placed in Exit Sampling and on our Street Teams. BAs were training through both activation specific and brand specific calls and training modules. Staff were also trained on site at their assigned activation station.


Men’s Division: New Orleans, LA throughout the Convention Center, Champions Square and Steamboat Area

Activated from Thursday March 31-Monday April 4th with 10 shifts throughout 7 different activations over 5 days

Women’s Division: Minneapolis, MN throughout the Convention Center, and the Stadium

Activated from Friday April 1-Sunday April 3rd with 6 shifts throughout 5 different activations over 3 days

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Product Marketing Specialist
  • Guerrilla Teams
  • Greeters
  • Exit Sampling

The Result

Total SUCCESS!!!!

The client raved about our staff stating that “they could not have done it without Hype!!”

Total hours worked by BA staff: Men’s- 1,717 and Women’s- 895

Total BAs that executed: Men’s- 62 with 35 from out of state and Women’s- 41 with 8 from out of state