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December 22, 2014

14 Things I Learned in 2014: Kate’s Learnings About Being An Execution Partner

When I first began thinking about what I’ve learned in 2014 about being an Execution Partner, I realized that although I am always learning and growing, what I know really hasn’t changed since we founded Hype in 2006. Rather, my beliefs on partnership are constantly being reinforced and strengthened.



Here’s my list of what, we at Hype, know about being an Execution Partner:


1.) Partnership Isn’t Trendy. When we started Hype in 2006 we had the same mission that we do today – to be true partners with our clients. That hasn’t changed for us with varying trends in business and it never will.


2.) Partnership in more than understanding our client’s needs, it’s anticipating them. As a partner we look ahead and work with our clients to suggest ways in which we can strengthen our relationship and add value to their work.


3.) Execution Partners are there from the beginning. We love to be involved from the very start of a project, even in the proposal stage, to offer our advice and expertise when needed.


4.) Execution Partnerships are seamless. We take the time to understand how our clients work and what their goals are so that we can be viewed as their own “in-house” team of experts!


5.) We work toward a collective goal. For us, it’s really about working as a team determine the end goal is for our clients and getting there together!


6.) Know who you are. We know what we do best and why we do it. We bring Hype’s unique identity to the table in order to better serve our clients.


7.) Partnerships = Friendships. We love getting to know our clients to form long lasting relationships that transcend just business.


8.) There is more than just one type of partnership. We form partnerships with not only our clients, but our staffers and other vendors too! We know it takes a village and truly value our relationships with everyone that we work.


9.) An Execution Partner provides solutions, not problems.


10.) An Execution Partner is valuable. We offer value by going above and beyond each and every time!


11.) Nothing beats a handshake! In a world of digital communication, at Hype we still see value in face-to-face meetings and getting to know our clients in person.


12.) Execution Partners are flexible. We know in our industry that things change – constantly. That’s ok with us!


13.) Our Partnerships are about Passion for what we do. We work passionately for our clients and they love the results they get in return.


14.) Practice what you preach. At Hype, true partnership starts from within. We’re a team in every sense of the word. We partner with each other every day to support one another and deliver the best results possible!