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November 18, 2014

Surprise and Delight – Why Marketers Love It!

We hear the term “surprise and delight” come up a lot when we are training brand ambassadors for a new program with a client and we love this concept especially near the holidays!

What is it?

Surprise and Delight is a very creative marketing strategy used to get others talking about the brand everywhere! During an event, a random group of people will be spontaneously awarded a gift or a sincere compliment to brighten their day. This can be something directly related to the brand or just a random act of kindness. This helps form strong connections with the consumer and the brand.

How it works!

There are two types of customer experiences that individuals encounter when working with a company: positive and negative. Unfortunately when someone does not have such a positive experience, they carry this with him or her. The effect is very long-term and can even affect the attitude they portray against the brand. When the individual has a positive experience, the long-term affect is much more rewarding and an amazing relationship is formed between the consumer and the brand. You give them the “warm and fuzzies”. This is the exact reason why the “surprise and delight” marketing concept is so important. When a brand ambassador provides this feeling among a crowd, an emotional connection, they create that “wow” factor that contributes to the individual’s perception on the brand. This feeling last far beyond that moment.

The Goal!

The surprise and delight technique helps form positive relationships amongst everyone involved and can increase loyalty. This concept of creating a memorable experience can also turn a negative situation around using this unique technique. Many people thrive on unanticipated happiness. When people experience a positive moment out of nowhere, during an event, they are more likely to retain this. The “surprise and delight” concept is all about the consumer walking away with a delightful experience that was more than they anticipated!