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October 27, 2015

Talent Tip Tuesday: Taking Quality Event Recap Photos

Living in a digital world and the age of the smart phone, we’re living in a highly visual world. In the experiential industry, consumers are seeing brands out and about and experiencing created promotions that are happening nationwide and just about 24/7. With that being said- neither the event producers, clients and/or brands can be at every promotion or activation. Enter: recap photos. Recap photos are extremely important in allowing everyone on the production/brand side to visualize the event without being there to experience it. This week’s Talent Tip Tuesday is all about the importance of quality recap photos and Hype’s tips and tricks to capturing great recap photos!


Lets start with the importance- I’ve already made the point that it allows those of us who can’t be on-site to visualize what the happenings were at the event. But these photos can show a number of things, to name a few: the event footprint, foot traffic, presentation/appearance of Brand Ambassadors on-site, demographics of event attendees, brand competitors, interactions between BAs and consumers, etc. This is important to not only the brand but to the event producers to ensure they are capturing what their clients wants are for that particular promotion or event.


Whether you’re a brand ambassador, team lead, market manager and/or tour driver it is very likely you’ll be asking to take recap photos. This is where things can get a little crazy. We’ve all seen the two extremes: capturing too little photos or submitting 50+ less than average quality photos. What is really important in capturing quality recap photos is to find that balance; a good rule of thumb is always quality vs. quantity. Keeping in mind each program may ask for different photos, here are some of Hypes tips for taking and submitting quality event recap photos:



1. Take enough photos without it being excessive. Typically 10-15 is a safe amount per activation (unless specified differently)


2. Do not submit blurry photos.


3. Make sure brand elements are captured properly. Ask yourself some questions:

– Are the footprint elements set up in the correct way?

– Are logos facing out and right side up?

– Are the BAs in the correct uniform?

– Are consumers engaged in what the BAs are presenting?

– Is there trash/boxes out at the footprint?


4. Follow instructions! Did your producer ask for specific elements to be captured? If yes, please sure to capture those!


5. Submit in a timely manner. If you are unable to upload and submit your recap photos on the same day of the event, always be sure to submit within 24 hours of the activation!