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October 20, 2015

Talent Tip Tuesday: Becoming a Promotional Tour Manager

In following last week’s Talent Tip Tuesday – Becoming a Team Lead, another frequent question we get is how to become a promotional tour manager. Tour Manager positions allow strong team leads and managers the opportunity to take their career to the next level and travel while doing what they love. This is not a position to take lightly; life on the road isn’t for everyone and when booking a tour manager or tour driver we look for very specific qualities. This week’s Talent Tip Tuesday gives you a bit more understanding of what we’re looking for when booking a tour manager/driver:



If you see a posting on your dashboard for TOUR MANAGER and/or TOUR DRIVER, chances are we are looking for someone with experience.  We’re looking for someone with extensive experience in the industry, various team lead positions and a resume that exemplifies that experience. A diverse promotional background will put you a head of the rest when we go through looking for candidates.



Whether you’ve driven cross country with a branded airstream or drove a 16ft step van in your home market- having this experience is a great quality when booking a tour manager as typically our managers are also in charge of either driving a rented vehicle or a wrapped promo vehicle. A clean driving record is mandatory, DOT certification is preferred and experience driving and navigating with large vehicles is a must!



Those three descriptors are always something you will see in our typical personality requirements for tour managers. Being on the road, you’ll encounter new places, new faces and challenges while being outside your home market. A quality tour manager brings positive high energy and is able to maintain that energy during long workdays and extensive travel.



Being a tour manager comes with a LOT of responsibility. Just like any promo gig, the responsibilities may vary, however being a tour manager you may be responsible for: promotional elements, tour vehicle, maintaining an expense report, managing staff, checking in with your account coordinator, scouting locations, maintaining an inventory, and the list continues!  Also, unless you’re booked with a co-manager or assistant manager, you’re going to be working on your own. This independence is something you need to feel comfortable with.


Lastly, if you’re truly serious about getting booked for a tour manager/driver position, you should set forth a great example from the beginning that you are the right person for the job! We always list specific application requirements in our booking emails- if you do not follow those or we have to repeatedly ask for background check release forms and employment paperwork to be submitted, we will not consider you as a serious candidate. Our recommendation when applying is to get organized ahead of time. Use the “new booking” email as a checklist and review before sending in your submission. Be timely with your responses and ask questions as they pop up! We’d rather you ask any questions and rid yourself of any concerns before getting late in the booking process. A tour manger is a great opportunity and can bond solid relationships with the Hype team internally!