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August 10, 2010

Fall is NEAR!

I know what you’re thinking – summer’s not over yet! Don’t worry! There’s still time for plenty of fun summer mobile tours and events!

However, when August rolls around I can’t help but get excited for Fall. I have to admit Fall is my favorite season. College football games, hot apple cider…both Kate and Dayna have birthdays in October! But what we at HYPE really love about Fall is Back to School and College marketing programs!

For Fall 2010, look out for unique and creative ways that brands will connect with students, including mobile tours, high-tech games, and interactive experiences. Agencies will pull out all the stops this year to make brands come to life – think beauty make-overs, even make-unders! Spa days. Imaginative Airstreams, RV’s, and tour buses wrapped with amazing graphics and filled with surprises. Pop up retail stores complete with your own personal stylist. Cute girls on scooters delivering samples. You name it! Follow your favorite brands on social media and networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for exclusive invites and news on these exciting events!

For all you students out there who are new to the world of promotions, watch for Hype recruiting events at top universities and colleges Nationwide. Also, don’t forget to sign up on our online database for the latest events in your area! We can’t wait to meet you!

Now are you excited for Fall yet!?