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July 22, 2013

Getting To Know Our Team

The Hype Agency has recently taken on three hardworking and talented interns to assist us with coordinating our event marketing projects: Tanner, Catherine and Darby. Their creative, inspiring, optimistic and motivated personalities make them the perfect assets to our company and we’re very excited to have them aboard! Tanner likes working at The Hype Agency because he likes the independent and team player aspects of the business; in his spare time, Tanner enjoys music and photography. Catherine, also known as Catie, loves the culture at Hype and feels a great sense of community and friendliness among everyone; one of Catherine’s hobbies during her free time is surfing. Darby loves learning all about event and guerilla marketing from those working at The Hype Agency and believes in pursuing opportunities as they present themselves; when Darby isn’t working, she loves riding horses. We’re very excited to work with this eclectic and intelligent bunch!

Dayna Gilchrist, co-founder of The Hype Agency and manager of the east coast office, comes from a background of guerilla marketing, where she had her feet on the street and saw a huge disconnect between the programs that marketing agencies invest in and the brand ambassadors that would spread the messages in the fields. Gilchrist realized that the wrong types of people were being selected to embody the brand ambassador roles, which resulted in diluted and inaccurate brand messaging to the target demographics. She and Kate Bright, co-founder of The Hype Agency and manager of the west coast office, realized they should take control of this matter by being proactive about hand-selecting the best brand ambassadors for their clients’ projects at The Hype Agency.

Hype’s team prides itself on extensive research, experience and knowledge of psychology and the power of marketing to present its clients with the best strategies and brand ambassadors for their projects. The Hype Agency has a variety of talent available to spread the word about a product/service in the best way possible as well as the creative and energetic minds behind the scenes that make promotional events a success!