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July 11, 2014

Why you want us as your middleman!

It’s Friday, which is like the start of the week in the events world! I was thinking about Hype’s role lately and how important it is to have an execution partner like us to facilitate all the moving parts especially during the busiest times of the events world.

The “middleman” in our industry tends to get a bad wrap, so we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We put a positive twist on staffing through our customer service and creating the right type of experiences that truly delights and inspires. From connections to solutions, our experts can take your program and run with it.  We’re all about ensuring smooth, stress free executions.   And what better way to do that than partnering with our team of innovative, creative and intelligent people who will adapt to your needs and be there for you when you need us!

Ideas into ACTION are our specialty.  We’re the facilitators, the dream makers. We have the expertise and the drive to take your ideas and turn them into successful events that connect people with people.  We strive on building strong relationships with our partners so we know what you want before you want it and what you need before you need it.  We’re talented, experienced professionals at ease creatively and strategically leading you to success.

P.S. We’re actually the “Middle-Women”, WBENC Certified in fact!