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July 1, 2014

Summer Wardrobe – Experiential Marketing Edition

HEY BRAND AMBASSADORS- the busy summer season is here and it’s time to shed those layers and break out the summer wardrobe for rockin’ summer promos! The Hype Agency has put together a little cheat sheet of summer essentials for all brand ambassadors.

Khakis:  A brand ambassador’s best friend.

While these tan pants may not be the pinnacles of high fashion, they help brand ambassadors look polished and professional.  It may even be a good idea to get a pair of black shorts while you’re at it.  Neutral bottoms will always be a staple in a BAs closet. Avoid short-shorts and dark khakis at all costs. Stone is okay for ladies. Basic or light khaki is everyone’s best option.


Tennis Shoes:

These are essential for summer. They should be a light, neutral color and ideally unbranded. When you’re standing on your feet all day, you deserve to be comfortable! If you feel like you need some extra support or your feet are getting achy, invest in some Dr. Scholl’s inserts.


Dry Fit:

Working outside in the summer sun, you are bound to sweat. It may be a good idea to tie in a black or white dry fit shirt from Under Armour or Nike. Wear this under your regular uniform and the material will help pull any moisture away from your skin.



Depending on the event; sunglasses may be a perfectly acceptable accessory. However, please refrain from wearing branded swag sunglasses from a previous event.



Ok, so it’s not a clothing item- but an essential for sure! Working outside can be trying on even the most seasoned of brand ambassadors so be sure to wear your sunscreen and stay hydrated! This will help you stay motivated and energetic throughout your activation.


Above all, be sure to follow the uniform outlined in your training manual or company you are representing. Uniforms should NEVER be taken into your own hands unless specially stated!


Check out some of our fave essentials:

Shoe Inserts

Men’s Khaki Shorts: AE 10″ Classic Length Short

Black Women’s Shorts: Petite Metro Shorts