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May 19, 2015

Hype’s Summer Essentials – Experiential Marketing Edition 2015

For some, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to a summer full of lazy days and taking it easy.  For those of us in the experiential and promotional events industry- we know better!  Memorial Day weekend is like the kickoff to a whirlwind of epic events that go full speed ahead until late fall.  As we said during last year’s summer toolkit- summer for experiential is what the holiday season is to retail!  So get your calendar in order, pack the essentials and get ready for this crazy and awesome ride!


Here are Hype’s Summer Essentials – Experiential Marketing Edition 2015:


Organize, categorize and prioritize!

Whether you’ve filled your calendar with personal outings and professional events; map out your summer on a mobile calendar. Having a physical calendar at home is great, but make sure you translate it to your phone or tablet. This way you always have the location, contact numbers, and event details with you at all time. Also, keep a notebook or mobile memo pad as a running list of things you want to accomplish each month, week, day, etc.


Wear protection – sunscreen that is!!

Nothing is worse than getting a polo shirt sunburn, trust me, I know! Lather on the sunscreen in the morning when you’re getting ready for the day. Even when its cloudy, clouds only block about 20% of UV rays- so on a cloudy day you’re still susceptible to about 80% of the sun’s harsh effects.



This one should be obvious but always keep a water bottle with you when you’re out and about in the hot sun. This will keep you from getting worn out and ward off things such as headaches, swelling and worst of all- sunstroke!


Take charge!

Electronics have a tendency to die much faster in the heat. Always keep an extra wall charger, car charge and power bank; this way you never have to worry about your phone dying.


Work it!

In search of some HOT events to work this summer, be sure to sign up with us online, get your paperwork in, and get ready to rep some awesome brands!


Client? Need some staff for your summer mobile tours or events? Call us today!! We have staff nationwide, ready to work!


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